Guardian Micro Term Insurance Plan

Guardian Micro Term Insurance Plan is a Non-linked, Non-Participating, Individual Life Term Insurance plan, which offers protection benefits to the life assured. It is offered to the individual lives who takes loans from the banks, finance companies and self-help groups, credit societies etc. It can be offered to the individual life who did not have formal life insurance cover.

Plan Features: Criteria

Minimum Sum Assured 5000.00
Maximum Sum Assured 500000.00
Minimum Policy Term 1 Yrs
Maximum Policy Term 1 Yrs
Minimum Entry Age 16 Yrs
Maximum Entry Age 65 Yrs
Maximum Maturity Age 66 Yrs
Premium Payment Frequency Yearly

Death Benefits

On death of the life assured during the policy term, the Sum Assured will be payable to the nominees/legal heirs of the life assured. The policy will be terminated upon such payment.

  • With or Without Profits: Without Profits
  • Survival Benefits: No survival benefits are payable under this plan
  • Paid up Value: Not available
  • Surrender Value: Not available
  • Policy Loan Provisions: Not available
  • Bonus: Not applicable.