• Is it time for me to consider Micro-Life Insurance?

    Absolutely! Life insurance is crucial for securing your & your family's financial future.

  • How do I apply?

    Applying for micro-life insurance is simple. Visit our website or a local office, fill out an online form or apply in person, and provide essential personal details like name, address, age, and occupation.

  • What is my premium?

    Your premium is the regular payment to maintain your insurance coverage.

  • Can I change or update my life insurance policy?

    Yes, you can modify your policy by adjusting coverage, beneficiaries, or other terms

  • Perks of Owning a Micro-Life Insurance Policy?

    Micro-Life insurance offers valuable benefits such as financial protection for loved ones in case of your death, ensuring their stability and covering funeral costs. It provides a safety net with a lump-sum payout that can clear debts or support daily expenses. Moreover, micro-life insurance is affordable, making it accessible for individuals with lower incomes.

  • How long does it take to receive the insurance claim payout?

    We prioritize timely claim payouts and handle them diligently. Approved claims are typically paid out within a few days, although complex cases may take longer. Our goal is to handle claims efficiently, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued policyholders. Rest assured, we are dedicated to prompt and fair claim settlements.