Guardian Micro Term Life Insurance Plan


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Tax Free Returns


Guardian Micro Term Life Insurance Plan

This is a Non-linked, Non-Participating, Individual Life Term Insurance plan, which offers
protection benefits to the life assured. It is offered to the individual lives who takes loans from
the banks, finance companies and self-help groups, credit societies etc. It can be offered to
the individual life who did not have formal life insurance cover.

Why choose Micro Term Plan?

Protect your future by choosing the right coverage with Micro Term Life Insurance Plan

Tax-free returns

Offers tax-free death benefits to the policyholder’s beneficiaries, providing them with financial relief during a challenging period.

Long-term financial security

Long-Term Financial security brings stability and peace of mind, enabling individuals and families to plan for their future and achieve their goals without fear of unexpected setbacks.

Low-cost premiums

Low-cost premiums provide budget-friendly insurance options, enabling people to financially protect themselves and their loved ones from unexpected events.

Why Choose Guardian Micro Term Plan ?

  • Minimum Age : 16 Years
  • Maximum Age : 65 Years
  • Policy Term : 1-20 Years
  • Minimum Sum Assured : 10,000/-
  • Maximum Sum Assured : As per Micro-Insurance Directives
  • Premium Paying Term : same as policy term
  • Premium Paying Mode : Yearly
  • Rebate on the basis of Sum Assured : Rebate on Large Sum Assure
Sum Assured Rebate
From Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 1,99,000/-
Rs. 1 per thousand
Rs. 200,000 and above
Rs. 2 per thousand
  • Rebate on the basis of premium payment method :
Mode Rebate
Yearly Payment
2 per cent
Half Yearly Payment
1 per cent
Quarterly or Salary Saving Scheme(SSS)
No discount
Monthly Premium Payment
5 Per cent Additional

The below mentioned Optional Rider is available with this policy:

  1. Accidental Death Benefit(ADB)
  2. Accidental Death Benefit(ADB)+Permanent Total Disable(PTD)
  3. Accidental Death Benefit(ADB)+Permanent Total Disable(PTD) and Premium Waiver Benefit(PWB)

First Policy Issued Date:

  • Terms and Conditions will be applicable.